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Stichting Fight Like a Woman is a not-for-profit Dutch registered organisation that provides solution to bridge the gap between former experienced professionals – for whom a return to the workplace can seem practically impossible and personally intimidating after a long break – and companies who want to increase diversity among their staff and access the hidden pockets of highly qualified, experienced talents.

Goal - what we want to achieve


  1. Help  companies to be more international by introducing highly educated international women into the team. 
  2. Help highly educated international women to fill their career gap by placing them in  companies where their own cultural & knowledge will play an important role in the internationalisation of these companies

Our program: Link to Experience

We  set up permanent “Link to Experience” Program within he SME companies. The program will allow companies to hire professional women with a career gap for a short period of time, allowing both parties to become better acquainted and base any decision on further, more permanent collaboration on the surest footing possible. 

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TMC | Mix & Match Event

The Fight Like a Woman Return-to-Work Mix & Match Event is an innovation of 2.5 hours networking, assignment that will give you the opportunities and connections to your return to work. 

International Festival 2017

A few mini-workshops (with limited spots) will be hosted by Fight Like a Woman on the 11th of June, 2017 The workshop(s)  provided women with a career gap tips for getting back to work!


Ambassador: Marion Koopman

Marion Koopman, the CEO of Greenhouse Group and former director of diversity at KPN who helped the company build a gender equality policy.

Eindhoven News

‘Fun And Relaxed Interviewing’: 

15 Skilled technical professionals had the chance to meet the management of TMC, a technical research, development, and engineering company.

International Women's Day 2018

Will gender equality and diversity get solved over time?

Sometimes when we are in conversation about gender diversity, often we get the reaction of "Well, it will get solved over time."

Close "Gaps"

career gap


At present, 73% of women in Europe are having trouble going back to work after a career break. The reason behind is rooted in the different gaps impeding their professional development. 


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“Fight Like a Woman Mix&Match event is the most efficient & fun ‘interview” I’ve experienced, we should apply this to all TMC units.”

Hans Schuren, Director of Test and Integration (TMC)

“We have many areas where people can find their match: from Nanotechnology to Big Data, from Industrial Automation to Physics, we do need people in a wide range of fields with different skills and talents.” 

Frank Fleuren, Director TMC software

"I'm surprised that by the quality & the number of attendees (re-entrees), that's great"

Patti Drenthen, account manager of TMC

"I didn't realize MIx&Match event is actually an interview, I was totally feeling like I'm participating a team workshop". 

Joyce Fong, one of the re-entrees

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